fighting inflation with groceries

Helpful Ways to Save on Groceries and Fight Inflation

Inflation is hitting everyone, and if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve seen a significant boost in your grocery bill. Who doesn’t love spending more and getting less, right? While there’s nothing you can personally do to stop inflation, you can use some easy tricks to keep your grocery bill manageable while still keeping the whole family happy.

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Plan More Themed Dinners

Every meal doesn’t have to be a three-course dinner with multiple sides and a full serving of meat. Instead, try theming your dinners around each night of the week. You might do casseroles one night, tacos another, soup on another evening, and salad on a weekend night. This makes it easier to meal plan and keeps you from getting stuck in a rut of large and expensive meals.

Don’t Bring the Kids

If you usually bring your kids grocery shopping, it might be time to go on your own and let them hang out at home. Kids are notorious for spotting the high-priced snacks and treats that grocery stores overprice, and most parents can only say “no” so many times before they give in. Once you start grocery shopping alone, you should see your impulse purchases drop.

Keep Track of What You Already Have

Setting up an inventory of your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry takes some initial work, but it’s easy to maintain once it’s set up. This protects you from buying stuff that will either never be eaten or worse, will spoil and have to be thrown out. If you hit an especially lean week, you can consult your list and plan meals that only use what you already have listed in your inventory.

Plan Meals Around the Ads

Again, this is something that takes a little bit of time but can save you quite a bit of money. When you get the grocery store ads each week, take note of meat and produce that are on sale. Instead of planning your meals and then figuring out which groceries you need, figure out which groceries are a good deal that week and plan your meals around them.

Pick Up Your Order

A growing number of grocery stores now offer free curbside pickup. Instead of going in with your list and getting your items yourself, a store employee will shop for you, bag up your order, and bring it out to you.

This is a huge time saver, but it can also save you money. How? Think about how much money you spend on impulse purchases. Those go out the window when you pick up your order that only contains exactly what you requested and budgeted for. This is an especially good practice if you have kids that you cannot leave at home by themselves.

Before you do this, compare the prices in-store to the prices on your store’s app. If the curbside prices are significantly higher at that particular store, this may not be such a good move for your budget.

Make Sure You Plan for Every Meal

A lot of meal planners start by scheduling dinner every night. To save even more money, plan ahead for every single meal. If you leave breakfast and lunch up to your whims, you’ll reach for fast food and high-priced items a lot more often. This can completely eliminate the financial benefits of meal planning.

Download Coupon Apps for Your Favorite Grocery Store

Lots of grocery stores have user-friendly apps that help you save money on everyday items. Download and clip digital coupons that take money off at the register. As an added bonus, many also allow you to earn points that you can use for free items or better discounts.

Shop Bulk Meat Deals

If you have freezer space, buying meat in bulk and portioning it out yourself can save you a lot. You pay once and have the meat you need for several weeks. Additionally, this can help you meal plan for weeks in advance.

Stuck in a Financial Loop You Can’t Get Out Of? Call Padgett & Robertson

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